Overlay 3d objects and Hydrax


17-11-2009 11:15:37

Hey guys,

I have an overlay 3D Compass, and it should be completely seperate from the game world. Unfortunately, it isn't. While this isn't really a problem (Lots you can do with depth buffer) it does mean my compass is reflected in the Hydrax water.

So, essentially, is there any way I can get my compass out of the reflection/refraction calculations of hydrax? Like m_Node->GetHydrax()->Disable()? :P - I'm aware it's unlikely to be that easy, but any hints in the right direction will be helpful.



18-11-2009 16:10:25

You can do any operation you want before/after any rtt update by using Hydrax::RttManager::Listener (mHydrax->getRTTManager()->addListener...).
Check the Hydrax-SkyX demo to see how I disable the starfield reflection in the reflection RTT.