Size of island problem in HydraX/ HydraxSkyx


19-11-2009 04:27:45

I have been trying to combine HydraX-SkyX with PagedGeometry to create a large island with forests on it but have run into problem. For Terrain I have been using the terrain example from Ogre samples. That terrain in the Ogre sample looked really big however when I use the same in the HydraxSkyX by modifying the island.cfg file by changing the PageWorldX and PageWorldZ values to say 15000 it only increases the size of island about 5 times compared to when it was set at 3000 and the frame rate really drops to something like 10fps. It still is very small compared what it was on the Ogre Terrain Sample at PageWorld sizes of 3000. It makes me think the size of island is being controlled or being normalized somewhere else while creating the ocean and sun. Can anybody shed some light on what is going wrong or what values and where should I calibrate to make the size of the island bigger? I have not changed the code of HydraxSkyx demo at all at this point, just playing with the different cfg files. If I can not make the island bigger then I just can not create the forest! :(

Another thing that is bothering me is that if I enable VertexProgramMorph then it makes the island disappear and weird things start happening? :( Can anybody shed light on this. I want to enable LOD so that I do not show all the forest at any given time.

I am a newbie and would really appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks!


20-11-2009 20:00:10

What controls the size of terrain in HydraX? Please help! *Bump*