Projected Grid Paper?


01-12-2009 13:01:01


I was trying to learn more about rendering using projected grid, but most of the links that i have found on google link to this;

However that link seems to be dead. Has anyone got any sensible links or papers that i could look at? :)

assaf raman

04-02-2010 14:03:24 ... /projgrid/

This thesis will examine how a large water surface can be rendered in an efficient manner using modern graphics hardware. If a non-planar approximation of the water surface is required, a high-resolution polygonal representation must be created dynamically. This is usually done by treating the surface as a height field. To allow spatial scalability, different methods of “Level-Of-Detail” (LOD) are often used when rendering said height field. This thesis presents an alternative technique called “projected grid”. The intent of the projected grid is to create a grid mesh whose vertices are even-spaced, not in world-space which is the traditional way but in post-perspective camera space. This will deliver a polygonal representation that provides spatial scalability along with high relative resolution without resorting to multiple levels of detail.

Here is the code.
Here is the paper.

tuan kuranes

04-02-2010 15:52:58

You may want to have a look a another paper that uses also a projected grid (include source code too)


04-02-2010 19:15:54


Cheers guys.