What is base plane for ProjectedGrid?


14-12-2009 02:01:50

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to put Hydrax into my project. In ogre, the upward direction is Oy, in ours it's Oz so by default the what i got was a vertical water plane.

I noticed that there's an argument called Base plane in the Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid's constructor. I guess this is the water plane of Hydrax.If I change the default plane from Ogre::Plane(Ogre::Vector3(0,1,0), Ogre::Vector3(0,0,0)) to Ogre::Plane(Ogre::Vector3(1,0,0), Ogre::Vector3(0,0,0)) the water will disappear. However when I passed in Ogre::Plane(Ogre::Vector3(0,0,1), Ogre::Vector3(0,0,0)) the water plane is also vertical and shaking uncontrollably.

May I ask what this argument is for and how to can I make the water lies on the ground if I use Oz as the up vector.