Problems mixing SkyX and Hydrax


23-12-2009 21:38:46

Hi all,

Now I've got time to play round with Ogre, I decided to implement SkyX and Hydrax in my very own app.

I have been coping code from the source of the demo released by Xavyiy, but I have several issues.

First, when I apply the SkyX pass to the terrain material, it looks like this:

getByName("Intro"))->getTechnique(0)->createPass(), 5000, Ogre::SBT_TRANSPARENT_COLOUR);

When I enable the bloom compositor code I get this:

addCompositor(mRoot->getAutoCreatedWindow()->getViewport(0), "Bloom")->addListener(new BloomListener());
Ogre::CompositorManager::getSingleton().setCompositorEnabled(mRoot->getAutoCreatedWindow()->getViewport(0), "Bloom", true);

And last, (This is not related to Hydrax or SkyX, but it would be great if someone could help me) why the terrain is shown with irregular shapes? better appreciated in the border with the water, where you can see squares

I am using Terragen as heightmap generator.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!! :D :D