Little Personal Game including Hydrax


13-01-2010 20:19:24

Hello all,

As many people here, I'm an Ogre addict player. And I playing to make a game.
So I integrated Hydrax as option in it.
I come here just to give a great Thanks to Ogre and Hydrax. See a so great sea is really motivating ... no words ... Thanks.

The game running on Linux and Windows but this release is only working under windows:

The help in the game isnt up to date, so I let a few commandes here:

N : HYDRAX on/off
S : Brakes
SPACE: Boost
A/D : Strafe
Q/E : Roll, The Auto-balance may be unlocked to roll to 360 degree.
X : Lock/UnLock Auto-balance
R : Free Camera.
C : Char menu.
F1: more help

Viva Hydrax!!! :D And Thanks again.