[fixed] SkyX and Hydrax porblems :/


23-01-2010 17:00:33


I decided to move from Caelum to SkyX but I am having a few problems...
First of all when I move the camera the moon disappears but is reappearing once I stop moving the camera oO
Also I have a few "line" problems.
Here is a screen-shot of my first problem :
Note : When I initialize Hydrax it says that it couldn't load a texture named "HydraxDepthReflectionMap".

And finally when moving backwards I can see a white line :

Thanks !


23-01-2010 17:54:44

Sorry, fixed it.
My RTT was messed up...


13-05-2015 12:33:42

how did you fix it?
I got this problem too