Water not moving


30-01-2010 22:24:43

Hi there. I've been adding Hydrax to my project recently and got a strange issue.

When the project starts everything is perfect, water is moving, but when i'm beginning to move the camera water movement stops. And its not continued after camera stops, i mean the water will be frozen if i move camera once.
I am updating Hydrax after i'm moving camera in frameStarted. The camera is attached to a SceneNode and i'm moving it with translate function.

Returning camera to the same position gives nothing, separating updating and moving to 2 different listeners also made nothing.

Any1 have any ideas why this happening and how to solve this problem.

upd: Noticed that water actually move...when i move camera oO


04-02-2010 01:45:36

Did you make a seperate, unique scene node for the camera?


04-02-2010 21:30:04

yes i did separate, unique scene node for camera, and i'm moving it


05-02-2010 03:51:32

Meh then I have no idea. I thought maybe the camera node could have been a parent to something moving the water...