Hydrax with a sphere


17-05-2010 14:00:50


I'm working on a project where the world is designed with a group of triangles, rendering a sphere.
I took the version 0.3 of Hydrax because of graphic card problems ( I found on this forum or another one that an error that I had while trying to compile or run my program came from the graphic card wich was too old, with no Pixel Shader 3 ).

I am looking for a way to change the geometry Hydrax takes, in order to render the sphere with Hydrax's water an effects !
I looked inside the source files, but I'm still not sure if that's possible :
I think that I can be possible to change the geometry with creating a new Module for Hydrax, using the HardwareVertexBufferSharedPtr I have to render it ( I have actually 2 HardwareVertexBufferSharedPtr, one for the vertex and one for the index ). It seems still hard for me to do that, and I don't even know if I can do it.

It would really help me if someone could say if what I want to do is possible, and if yes, how can I do it ?

thank you