Problem to change water's transparency


19-05-2010 16:47:53


I din't find parameter to change water's transparency so I tried to change the transparency directly in the shader into the "Marerial manager".
The complilation finished successfully.
But when I executed the program, it crashed ! :(

I use Hydrax 0.5.1 and Ogre 1.7.0.

Do someone have a idea ?


21-05-2010 09:30:24

More information about my problems.
A boat seems to fly whereas is well placed on the sea.
It's because the waves aren't apparents on the boat's side.


23-05-2010 12:52:55


Your problem seems to be that you have "reduced the sea scale". So you must to switch off the SMOOTH property of sea (i'm do it too).

In the Hydrax config file (hydrax.cfg), you could see a line like this:


You must delete the Smooth property:


I hope that could help you...

Sorry for my English!


P.D.- I am developing a free game based into the WWII sea war, maybe we could cooperate...