Sun makes me crash


25-05-2010 19:02:52

The problem is quite simple :
Using Sun in the Hdx file loaded makes me crash at the loading of the scene

Here is how I setup Hydrax :

// Set up Hydrax
Hydrax::Hydrax *mHydrax = new Hydrax::Hydrax(sys0.mgr,,sys0.vp);
Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid *mModule = new Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid(mHydrax,new Hydrax::Noise::Perlin(),Ogre::Plane(Ogre::Vector3::UNIT_Y, Ogre::Real(0.0f)),Hydrax::MaterialManager::NM_VERTEX, Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid::Options());
mHydrax->loadCfg("Namuh.hdx"); mHydrax->create();

I have no error message, just the "Send to microsoft your infomations" window
Here's the end of the log :

19:43:49: Finished parsing scripts for resource group SkyX
19:43:49: TerrainSceneManager: Registered a new PageSource for type Heightmap
19:43:49: TerrainSceneManager: Activated PageSource Heightmap
19:43:50: Texture: Tex.png: Loading 1 faces(PF_R8G8B8,2048x2048x1) with hardware generated mipmaps from Image. Internal format is PF_X8R8G8B8,2048x2048x1.
19:43:50: D3D9 : Loading 2D Texture, image name : '' with 5 mip map levels
19:43:50: [Hydrax] Hydrax created.
19:43:50: [Hydrax] Namuh.hdx loaded.

The sad thing is that i can only run hydrax without sun, godrays,etc...
Any idea ?


27-05-2010 20:06:46

No idea ? .....


28-05-2010 11:56:47

Try to delete:

Maybe your "Map" material is a null pointer (doesn't exist).


29-05-2010 20:26:18

Hopelessly not
This material exist, and as a demonstration, i get the same problem even if I quote this line....


30-05-2010 15:18:02

Solved !
It was the last step of the Ogre1.7 conversion of the library that i forgoted (Changing type of an argument in the Cfgprogramanager.cpp/.h)

So it work perfectly now !
Many thanks for trying to help !