[SOLVED]Crazy render when creating water


27-05-2010 17:54:13

I created some water in Ogitor 4.2 and used the sample code from the Demo1 that came with hydrax. After i loaded the config file (I tried both, Demo and Ogitor generated) Both times a get a crazy result with the render that looks like this

Not sure why but maybe someone has an idea.

EDIT* The problem was that i was using my own method of rendering frames (which was subsequently slower) so all i had to do was register Hydrax as its own listener


28-05-2010 11:57:52

Are your camera far clip distance clamped? (finite value)
Are you sure that you've disabled stencil shadows?



28-05-2010 15:02:54

Yes im sure and at this point im no longer getting the zig zaggy render but im getting something like this, where the black box in the upper left hand corner is supposedly the water