Some questions ...


31-05-2010 07:16:20

I would like to use Hydrax for generating 2D animated backgrounds. Has anyone code which can produce "loopable" water waves? Lets say one adjust the number of animations and it goes into endless (seamless) water animation. Also, whats the best method to do a "water splash" ? Means, object falling into (hydrax) water. I only need all these for generating 2D animations.
Any help are welcome



04-06-2010 17:16:33

I think you should use a real 3d simulation sofware for these kind of tasks. You'll be able to obtain these kind of quality videos:


29-06-2010 07:57:00

real 3d simulation software like "Vue8" are too expensiv for me now.
Is it that hard to modify the hydrax demo code to make looped ocean animation for a give time (e.g. 10 seconds) ?
Anyone there who could do this :?: