Plane moving


10-06-2010 10:16:14


I'm trying to use Hydrax with the ProjectedGrid Module, is there a way to make him move ?
I tried to create a function "setPlane" in the ProjectedGrid.h file ( in order to change it in the frameStarted function ), but it doesn't seem to works.
Is there a way for Hydrax, being attached to a node, in order to make the node move ?




10-06-2010 16:11:04

I don't understand your question, but Hydrax modules mustn't be modify this way. The only safe way to update it's parameters is by Hydrax::ProjectedGrid::setOptions(...).
Dunno if that's your point, but if you want to modify Hydrax y-coord, just use Hydrax::setPosition(Ogre::Vector3(0,y-coord,0)) and Hydrax will care about all for you.



11-06-2010 09:29:10

Hi, and thank you.
I was just looking for a way to move hydrax, I didn't think that there would be some simple solution as this one =).
Really thanks.

EDIT : If there is only a single Vector3 as a parameter for this function, how does it work ?
A plane is defined by a couple of Vector3 ( one for the normal and one for a rkPoint ), so what represents exatcly that single vector3 ?