Compiling Skyx v0.1 on ubuntu 64bits ?


24-06-2010 15:57:37

Hello all !
I wan't now to swich the sky system i use for my project. I want to use Skyx now.
I have seen the ubuntu ppa but i can't install it. (Ogre 1.6.4 is needed and i have Ogre 1.7.0).

How i can compile Skyx on linux ?




28-06-2010 12:42:52

I reply here too Gouwi...


Ubuntu users, that uses OGRE 1.6.4, could add this APP (instructions into the web page):

And install the libraries and demos with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install libskyx skyx-demo1 skyx-demo2

But to could uses the demos you must copy the demos folders (/usr/share/SkyX/Demo1 & /usr/share/SkyX/Demo2) to a folder where you have permissions.


Linux users, with OGRE >= 1.6.4 could...

download this file:

Uncompress where you want, and do:

make clean
sudo make install

This commands will install the libraries into /usr/lib (, and the link, and the headers into /usr/include/SkyX.

Also, you could download the demos (that runs in GLSL) from here:

make clean

That builds the executable into bin/Release/ folder.
The demos includes a Code::Blocks project too.


I hope that could help you!!!