what could cause this?


29-07-2010 19:34:15

Recently I have just tried hydrax with using demo application media and code. This looks very nice.
But I got some issues with my terrain.
Following image shows how it looks like

One thing. I had to do the following in order to bring down the wired refresh rate.


I do not know much about hydrax. So here what has happen to water at beach?


30-07-2010 09:41:39

You've to add the Hydrax depth technique to your terrain's material(And, at really, to all renderables that aren't Ogre::Entity and are/could be under Hydrax water). Search on the forum for the solution or tell me what terrain system are you using(Old Ogre 1.4, 1.6 terrain system or the new Ogre 1.7 terrain).



02-08-2010 07:31:51

Hello Xavyiy
I was bit late sorry for that. The solution worked fine for me, thank you. And I am using ogre 1.6 terrain system. One more thing when I add a detail texture the same thing happen again. Let me try again with adding detail texture to the material script.
thank you again