CMake based build system


11-09-2010 11:31:01

Since I like CMake (and ogre, including many addons use it too), I decided to use it for building my little ogre tests. As a result, I also created scripts for Hydrax and present them now here. The thing is based on the 0.5.2 prerelease SonSilentSea packaged version. Build instrcutions are included. This should at least make building on linux machines quite easy (tested on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit). Since CMake is cross-platform, Windows and OSX should work too, but the Ogre/OIS detection might need some love there if pkg-config is not present (testing welcomed).



13-09-2010 08:08:30

Hey! that's good!

I love oldschool makefiles, but twice options could be used, why don't you come to the sonsilentsea-team (into gitorius) and upload CMAKE build system to the git repository?

Jose Luis Cersós Pita