Hydrax 0.5.1 and Ogre 1.7 Terrain setup questions


31-10-2010 01:06:31

I have successfully built Hydrax 0.5.1 against Ogre 1.7 and followed the demo examples on setting things up for Hydrax in code, but I don't see it with the new terrain system. In my ogre.log I do get the message "Error loading texture HydraxDepthReflectionMap", and I did follow many forum threads about this, but none work. I have my resources file setup correctly. It really doesn't seem Hydrax can work with the new terrain system. But I have had experience in setting up Hydrax successfully in the past with previous version against the OLD Ogre terrain system, which Hydrax still seems setup to use. So, has anyone successfully setup Hydrax 0.5.1 with Ogre 1.7 and the new terrain system?

Also with the new terrain system there is a call to the material of the terrain which would be used for reflections:


And since I use blendmaps with the new terrain system, this wouldn't seem to work if I changed "Island" to another material name -- what would it be? and it doesn't make sense about the HydraxDepthReflectionMap error, unless I needed to define one somehow, but I saw nothing specific about that. People have mentioned commenting the code relating to HydraxDepthReflectionMap out in one of the cpp files, but wouldn't we need a reflection map since I am not seeing reflections? I'm not seeing anything except my frame-rates drop. I realize that the problems I have pertain to setting up the terrain material for the water to deal with correctly. Anyway, if someone has some details on making this work.