[Solved]Problem about underwater rendering


24-11-2010 08:58:48

Hi all.

I am research Hydrax which is amazing ocean rendering plugin.
But there are a problem in my applications: I can not see objects underwater.
Here are the images:
The first one is rendered at wire frame mode, where we can see the mesh there.
The second one is rendered at solid mode at the same place, where we can nothing underwater.
The third one is rendered at solid mode underwater, where we can nothing but blue region.

How can I render objects underwater? Any answer will be appreciated.

Thank you for attention!


24-11-2010 11:51:35

This is due to the fact that your terrain/objects are too depth and Hydrax renders them as 'blue' since the only thing Hydrax take account to calculate the underwater light scattering is the distance to the surface(I'll work on a better approach for the next version!), so just try to change your depth param!


25-11-2010 02:18:14

Thanks, Xavyiy!
I have solved problem according to your suggestion.

Another problem bothering me this that in my scene, the ocean always merge onto the terrain since there are places which have lower elevation than ocean in the interior of the terrain. see the yellow region in the figure. i.e. how can I define the boundary to make sure that there are no water inside the boundary?
More strange thing is that the yellow regions in the figure will change their shape or disappear with the changing of the view point.
In the fellow figure, the yellow regions disappear.

Could you please give me some suggestions?

BTW, Hydrax, very good job!