Paradise Engine coming soon !


07-12-2010 03:43:26

hello everyone, the Paradise Engine is coming soon. Thrilling...


07-12-2010 10:44:00

Give me! Give me! Give me! :-)

Great work!

Jose Luis Cercós Pita


09-12-2010 05:36:16

So what will it include? Hydrax and SkyX no doubt. What else?


09-12-2010 14:00:27

good news. This should further improve the render of our environments


10-12-2010 14:12:43

I am still interested to know what it is exactly. I am skeptical of premature announcements with no information. 18 months ago Xavyiy said he would start work on Hydrax 0.6 but where is it? What is the paradise engine? What are the features? Who is part of the team writing it?


18-12-2010 01:23:47

And still no reply.


18-12-2010 12:17:23

Here is the reply! =)
It'll be a lot of new info after the announce, but until this date -some day in December- all is going to be a little misterious!

Anyway, I've to inform you that -for the moment- there are not new Hydrax or SkyX versions availables, that will have to wait a little more! But Hydrax/SkyX are almost nothing compared to what is going to come along the next year!

About the team, we're only three, one 3D artist(who has wide experience in modelling Ogre-handled scenes, Marcus 'despadas' Feital), a 2D artist/web designer, Josep Viciana, and me at the coding part!



20-12-2010 12:43:50

but paradise engine include use cloud for pass throught? :D :D :D

if implemented with skyx or caelum it must be fantastic :D


31-12-2010 13:16:47

Under what license is paradise engine comming?