need info on waterfall


20-12-2010 12:50:26

how can i make a river on 2 different height with a waterfall between the two river? (1 long river with a waterfall inside :) )


24-12-2010 09:46:17

anything know something about this?


29-12-2010 10:37:19

That isn't simple, hydrax make only planar water
You can read about Nxogre fluids feature, but it's quite complex, you must use particles to recreate a sort of waterfall, and try to make soem fresnel on it

But there isn't pre-made libs for a waterfall


29-12-2010 10:45:44

with hydrax i must handle only 1 plane of water? i cannot use it for make river? :(

i want to make a river from a glacier to sea..... how can i make this? :D

i'm getting crazy :(


29-12-2010 15:11:13

well, hydrax is designed for make oceans or anything that looks like a quiet plane
If you want plain lava or other material, you can configure it
but if you want a more physical behavior, you're at the wrong place
Waterfall is a physical behavior, as rivers, or typhoons

As I said, NxOgre can be a solution, but it's quite a task


29-12-2010 15:30:20

ok for waterfall i understand but i haven't understand for river, i must use ogrenx also for this?

(sorry i'm a noob and river can be a planar not orizontal :D )


29-12-2010 16:19:06

It's a Physic behavior, as rocks modify the water shape and as it isn't calm water : there is a flow
Thats why you need a physic library

take a look to nvidia cascade demo, it's a PhysX usage example I think :


29-12-2010 16:28:00

oh my god!!!! i want to make this :)

ok thanks i will study better