What's the status of this addon?


18-01-2011 22:34:02

Hi all,

I was wondering what the status of this mod is, as I was thinking of trying to wrap it again from Mogre for my project.

I noticed that the original author posted a message a few months ago and someone else posted instructions on how to compile 0.5.1 with Ogre 1.7 (which I followed and they worked) - BUT, there does not seem to be a source repository for this project, it isn't clear where to get files from (scattered all around the forum and various random links to free file upload services which are broken half the time), we can't submit patches and the recent fix for 1.7.1 doesn't seem to have been "officially" merged, and the wiki page of the project seems very out of date.

So it's not clear to me if this project is being maintained by anyone or not. I am happy to help (I can fresh up the wiki page, post "official" builds, etc), I just need to know if I should or not.

Let me know if I can help.


15-05-2011 00:19:43

I too would love to hear an update on Hydrax and the authors intents.



17-05-2011 09:43:43

authors are already on this plugin or are on paradyse?



20-05-2011 23:18:34

Hi all!
Hydrax and SkyX are not discontinued!

I'm going to work the whole summer in these two plugins(new major versions with a lot of new features, for example: precipitation system and thunderstorm support in SkyX, multicamera support for both plugins, better underwater scattering shading in Hydrax, GLSL shaders, ...) and it's integration in the incoming Paradise Engine.

About broken links, at least the latest Official versions(Hydrax 0.5.1 and SkyX 0.1) are online. (All official Hydrax/SkyX packages&demos are here: http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/xavi/)


P.D.: At the moment I'm in a very hard exams period so I'm not very active in the forum, but in 3/4 months a lot of new info about Paradise Engine it's going to be released and, of course, the new Hydrax and SkyX versions!


21-05-2011 01:14:24

great :D

thanks for your work and good luck for exams :) i hope t see new version of skyx and hydrax