Camera movement and FOV artifacts


03-02-2011 14:08:34

When using Hydrax and a Projected Grid (with the same options of the Demo1), I incur in artifacts when:
1 - changing the camera orientation/position too fast
2 - increasing the camera FOV

Does anyone hasencountered/ solved this problems?
Thank you


03-02-2011 14:11:55

Here's the "increasing FOV artifact".

After the FOV has been changed, as soon as camera position changes, this artifact disappear.

I think it's something related to the ProjectedGrid geometry size update... is there a way to force an update?


03-02-2011 16:09:46


Try to move the camera before updates Hydrax.

Jose Luis Cercós Pita


09-02-2011 19:43:42

I have the same problem, and I update hydrax after the camera.

I think the problem appeared when I followed the instructions on the forum to upgrade hydrax to run on 1.7.


16-02-2011 20:46:51

I do use Ogre 1.6.5....


18-02-2011 17:08:40

It's on my list of things to debug in the next week or so- I will let you know what I find.


18-02-2011 23:31:47

Are you using a camera with a node hierarchy?

Like are you setting the cameras position and orientation through one or more scene nodes as apposed to directly?


18-02-2011 23:36:52

I feel this is actually a hydrax bug.

The problem occurs when you use a camera whos position/orientation is inherited from one or more scene nodes E.g. ... era+system

You can fix the problem by simply having the cameras position/orientation manually set each from using _derived pos/orientation from the node it would otherwise be attached to.

For example if you used to have:

You will need to comment that out and then call this once per frame:

camera->setOrientation( mRollNode->_getDerivedOrientation() );
camera->setPosition( mRollNode->_getDerivedPosition() );

Good luck!


23-06-2011 13:04:08


well yes I do have a scene hierarchy over the camera node...

It will be very painful for our framework to detach the camera from the nodes and set its position manually... camera is attached to the nodes dynamically...