Error regarding Resource Location


23-02-2011 08:34:33

Hello. Guys

I've had an error regarding resource location. It makes my progression stop, so I'm stuck on the entrance of the gate of Hydrax using.

Anyone who knows how to solve this location of the resource problem, please help me!!!

I'll really appreciate to you!


09-03-2011 01:01:48

You need to make sure you have added your hydrax resources into ogre using a resource group named "Hydrax". This can be changed in prerequisites.h of the hydrax source.




17-03-2011 17:16:16

Hello world,

can you post your folder structure ?
You should have added Hydrax ressources group in resource.cfg, added Hydrax folder in media, added materials and shaders used in the demo (if u want to use resource from it)...