question with Projected Grid + FFT


04-03-2011 11:59:34

Hi! everyone:
After I read the demo of the Projected Grid + Perlin noise´╝îI just get some changed instead of FFT, but here's the problem:
I just only change the Hydrax initial code into this below:

mHydrax = new Hydrax::Hydrax(mSceneMgr, mCamera, mWindow->getViewport(0));
Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid *mModule
= new Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid(// Hydrax parent pointer
new Hydrax::Noise::FFT(/*Generic one*/), //----------------------Just changed here!!
Ogre::Plane(Ogre::Vector3(0,1,0), Ogre::Vector3(0,0,0)),
Hydrax::Module::ProjectedGrid::Options(/*264 /*Generic one*/));

I read that the FFT Default Constructor can init it's struct "Options" with it's own values,just like Resolution,Scale,etc.then I try to run the demo
with delete the Perlin part in the HydraxDemo.hdx, It looks fine.about 80FPS.
After that I try to change the HydraxDemo.hdx below with the same parameter the FFT object needs:

#Noise options

but after I get this done,in the demo,I cannot see the ocean,and the FPS is so low below 2.
ehh,is anything that I miss?? thank you!