Beaufort Scale and Hydrax Sea States


07-03-2011 04:46:20

I want to set hydrax sea state as Beaufort Scale. In Beaufort Scale main property of the wave is its height and there are 12 sea states.
In hydrax configuration file I can change complexity and the strength. Is anyone know how to set hydrax compatible with Beaufort Scale?

Beaufort Number-----Wave height
0------------------------0 m
1------------------------0-0.3 m
2------------------------0.2-0.5 m
Thank you !


07-03-2011 17:44:10

You can use Hydrax-0.5.3:

The new noise module that i release (called Real) allow adding waves by amplitude, period and phase (deep water waves). See demo to know how to do it.

Jose Luis Cercós Pita