Hydrax with ogre1.7.2


24-03-2011 01:12:12

Hello i am having trouble with hydrax working with my OgreMain.dll from ogre 1.7.2. I know hydrax is supposed to work with 1.7 and i have seent he post on that. Is Ogre1.7 ogre 1.7.2 and will hydrax work with 1.7.2. My hydrax when run will error and says somnthing somthing is missing from OgreMain.dll. so im guessing i have the wrong version of ogre. Where could i get ogre 1.7 download?
thanks all


24-03-2011 18:23:27

Wich mode do you use? Debug or release,- it may be that you are using debug mode but Hydrax dll was compiled for Release.