Request: Add static linking exception


29-03-2011 00:36:03

To the HydraX authors: I suppose if you haven't moved to MIT yet it's because you don't like it and have no intention to do so.

If so, have you considered adding a static linking exception? It would be very appreciated.

As an example of an Ogre addon that does this, there's MyGUI, and this is how they state the exclusion:

MyGUI source code (everything in MyGUIEngine folder) licensed under LGPL with with some exclusions:
1. Building against MyGUI headers which have inlined code does not constitute a derived work.
2. Code which subclasses MyGUI classes outside of the MyGUI libraries does not form a derived work.
3. Statically linking the MyGUI libraries into a user application does not make the user application a derived work.


Though ideally I would prefer relicensing to MIT ofc :)