Adding a boat to the scene really slows down hydrax


29-03-2011 17:55:07

I've implemented Hydrax and it works beautifully, but when I add a boat above the water, my framerate drops from 40 fps to 14 fps.

I have other models in the scene as well, but they don't seem to slow it down. It's just when I add that particular model.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Here's some pics of my model:

Any thoughts whatsoever would be really appreciated!


06-04-2011 16:21:37

Can you give us some details for that particular model ?
Like the polycount, the quantity and the size of each texture

And also the way you implemented it : Witch version of hydrax, physical implementation, some shaders, lights, shadows, etc...

(On posted screens, I'm just afraid of your scene polycount, can you give it too ? )


08-04-2011 17:29:42

I think your model is high-poly, try reducing the polygons.
To make sure if that is the problem, try adding ogrehead.mesh instead and see if the problem is still there. If it is, then look at something else.