Want to make underwater terrain looks good with hydrax


21-04-2011 06:10:59

I have a height map and texture(1 large image) of an island, and now I'm trying to visualize it with hydrax.

The original texture has blue(ocean-surface looking) colors in the portion of underwater terrain,

So I replaced with some sand texture by using photoshop. And here's the first result picture above the water surface and underwater

You can see that the underwater terrain is too bright at both camera position.

So for temporal means, I changed underwater terrain with less bright color and here's second result

The first picture(above the water surface) look fine, but in second picture(underwater) the island looks weird. It's too bright.

And here is the underwater terrain view.

I cannot see the elevation of underwater terrain at all since I used too dark texture for it.

So my question is it

1) Why the first and second picture shows that bright scene? Is that problem can be solved by adjusting the hydrax option parameter? Without modifying textures?

2) Also, is the result of the third picture could be better by adjusting parameter?

3) What do I have to do if I want to make the elevation of underwater terrain clear?

Thank you


21-04-2011 06:13:15

Sorry my second question means fourth picture, not third picture


14-05-2011 18:13:43

try this


where material16 is the name of your terrain material (you may use terrain->getMaterial())