[SOLVED]RTT mode problem with Fog


16-02-2012 15:49:59

Hi all,

There is a problem with the reflection when the normal mode is RTT and scene fog is enabled. The reflection gets distorted in the foggy areas. Using the Vertex mode solves the issue, but the Vertex mode is very slow - fps drops under 20 when using vertex mode and just depth and smooth...

I've read the advice to setFog(true, FOG_NONE) on each material. I did this for every hydrax material - for every technique and its pass, and still the issue occurs. The water gets no fog, but the reflection is still distorted.

Is there any way to disable fog for the RTT normal mode or at least to not have any effect on RTT normal mode?




18-02-2012 16:18:52

Ok guys, so for anybody having this problem, I just solved it.

So, to avoid reflection glitches in RTT normal map mode when using fog, go to the Perlin.cpp, on line 305, and insert this:

Technique0_Pass0->setFog(true, Ogre::FOG_NONE);

Maybe this saves some hours somebody looking whats bad with reflection :).