How to change y-position of the surface


01-04-2012 11:38:25

Hello all,

i just compiled Hydrax and integrated it in my project with the code of the example.
In my world, the player operates within an Y-Range from approximately 0 to 20.
This world is unintended below the water surface and therefore on the ground of the ocean.

In the HydraxDemo.hdx the <vector3> line should change the surface height.
But if i have <vector3>Position=-500x14.4500002865x-500 i am far below the surface
and if i have <vector3>Position=-500x14.4500002862x-500 there is no water at all
(probably the surface is far below my world). I am not even sure any more for what
this position is really for. Can anyone help me please?

Sorry for being very nooby here, i am sure i look at the wrong line and the option
for the water height is otherwhere.

Kind regards