Create 2 hydrax in 1 scene


30-04-2012 17:23:49

I'm working on a simulation project. We are using two monitors. We have create 2 renderwindow each one has it's own viewport and camera.

The idea is to have different view of the sea....but water only appears in one side(camera) Obviusly the camera pointer passed in the Hydrax's constructor. I tried to instanciate another Hydrax passing the same SceneManager and the other camera, but I get "Can't exist two Entity* with the name "HydraxMeshEnt".

In fact I really don't think the solution is create 2 hydrax because will appear a gap between two waters. Is it possibly to use one instance of Hydrax on two viewports??. how can achieve that?

thanks for any help


01-05-2012 06:50:45

anybody? :cry:


26-05-2012 21:29:55

Well to my understanding Hydrax is made with an explicit lack of support for this.
You'd have to manually modify the code to do this.
I think the difficulties arise from the need of having multiple materials and cameras for the reflection/refraction rendering. (One for each viewport.)