Hydraxdemo GL and DX


12-07-2012 09:51:08

could I test the precompiled hydraxdemo not only with DX but also with OpenGL? Same for the editor, found old 0.5 sources. Downloaded the dependencies tar from: http://rbgui.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rbgui/
Now how to build in Linux/Eclipse? I get the error:
/home/michael/workspace/rbgui/Mocha/Include/Mocha/Stream.h:65:3: error: ‘WriteStream’ was not declared in this scope
Many thanks


19-08-2012 15:01:33

I've had numerous problems with Hydrax in OpenGL, suggesting that the author only did real testing for Direct3D, i think that's the reason Direct3DRenderingSystem is the only one selectable by default in the demo ;)
It's not completely unusable of course, I had to make some changes only.