Compiling Hydrax with Ogre 1.8


13-10-2012 17:45:15

hi I have tried to compile hydrax with ogre 1.8
but "No factory found for scene manager of type 'TerrainSceneManager'" comes at runtime.
then I tried the thread
but when i try that there were many linking errors
If there is a person who successfully build and run hydrax please help me.


17-12-2012 16:56:45

Just to confirm, the Hydrax itself builds fine in 1.8.1 for me. The Demo may have some problems though.


09-01-2013 07:54:12

Demo1 is not working with Ogre 1.8.x or 1.9.x because it uses the old terrain system of 1.7.x. But you can compile and use Hydrax with Ogre 1.8.x/1.9.0.


25-05-2013 17:05:44

I use CodeBlocks. I can not build Hydrax 0.5.4 with OgreSDK_MinGW_v1-8-1. Need help :(


02-07-2013 19:42:08

ANSEA (ANimated SEAkeeping)

This is just a milestone of my OGRE project. I started this project with VRML using VRML Script (Javascript). It was very slow for any computer. Then I started to convert it to OGRE (I am a beginner in C++ though).

Seakeeping simulation is performed using pre-calculated frequency domain RAOs. Ship responses is calculated for the selected sea-state and wave spectrum (Black / Mediterranean / Aegean Sea) in a long crested manner (I will change it to short crested or make it long/short optional).

Maneuvering simulation is performed only using interpolated values of tactical diameter wrt rudder angle and ship. Actually this is not a complete Maneuvering Model. This is just a beginning for a future Maneuvering study.

I am still working on the wave. The wave model is Hydrax Version 0.5.1 (Great Work of Xavier Verguín González). I use ProjectedGrid and FFT noise (Phillips Spectrum) options of Hydrax. I try to write my own noise module to change the wave elevetion wrt the selected sea-state and wave spectrum (Black / Mediterranean / Aegean Sea) in a long/short crested manner

NOTE : The ship mesh is from: ... 1.mesh?r=2

The ship model does not have an underwater portion of the hull. I will fix this or find another model.


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02-07-2013 19:43:38