Z-Up Hydrax Version Help


16-11-2012 08:47:57

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a Z-Up Version of Hydrax but have a lot of problems i can not solve myself .

At the moment i'm using the offical SkyX Z-Up Version and the Hydrax Community Version with CG, SimplegridVertex and deactivated Underwater-Settings.
I rotated the Mesh SceneNode by 90 degrees and as you can see in the picture the waves look correct and i allready "solved" the Foam Problem.

If i set the reflection distance to 0 my water is black. Is this a problem with the "Normals" ?

Does somebody have a Hydrax Z Up Version which works and can help me solve this problem ?

Greetings Volker


29-11-2012 21:28:11

What happens when you set GlobalTransparency (hydrax setting, can be set in config file) to something high, like 0.8? Does the water start to reflect things now? Such test can make it easier to understand where the problem is. Is there any difference if you run in OpenGL and DirectX? (There was for me, even though cg is "supposed" to work the same on both :? )


03-12-2012 07:26:37

Hi and thx for the answer.
When setting the GlobalTransparency to 0.8 there is also no reflection visible.
I heared that there are a lot of changes to do to achieve a Z Up Version of Hydrax i would like to do this work on my own
but my shader skills are near 0 so i appreciate every help i can get.


07-06-2013 15:12:45

Did you get any furthr with this? I lokked into it and have basically given up...


06-07-2013 23:42:01

Hi!, Iam alos interested in a Z-up Version of hydrax... I tired but also give up