Depth doesn't work correctly with Terrain in 1.8.1


12-12-2012 12:23:42

I think I'll just save someone a lot of time with this. At least on ATI graphics cards Hydrax Depth technique won't work with the New Terrain if you have enabled the terrain group to use vertex compression when available. For some reason it messes with the technique so that it won't fade at all, but will still be dark from the plane height.

I'll put up an solution if I figure out how to modify either of the material scripts involved, but for now everything works fine if you just set setUseVertexCompressionWhenAvailable from TerrainGlobalOptions to false.



27-01-2013 18:05:59

Thanks a lot man, i looked for solution of this issue about 2 days. Now finally it fixed with your reply...


24-03-2013 21:16:11

What hydrax version/fork did you use with 1.8.1?
Can you share?

I have tried different versions and non work,

(Hydrax 0.5.4 (by Jose Luis Cercós Pita & Naëm Baron))
This one almost seemed to work but then i got failure on this line.

FP_Parameters->setNamedConstant("uWaterColor", mHydrax->getWaterColor());

OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Parameter called uWaterColor does not exist. in GpuProgramParameters::_findNamedConstantDefinition at U:\SDKS\Ogre\OgreMain\src\OgreGpuProgramParams.cpp (line 1451)