Hydrax 32 bit Ogre 1.9 Community Edition build error


29-12-2014 11:36:30

I try to build hydrax für Ogre 1.9 together with the community edition but it does not compile for 32 bit, with this errror:

1>src\Mesh.cpp(43): error C2664: 'Ogre::SharedPtr<T>::SharedPtr(const Ogre::SharedPtr<T> &)': 'Ogre::SharedPtr<T>::SharedPtr(const Ogre::SharedPtr<T> &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'int' to 'const Ogre::SharedPtr<T> &'

Additional includes:


"Linker/"Eingabe" (sry, dunno translation):

That's strange since it compiles for 64 bit Ogre ...

Anyone compiled it for 32 bit and could offer a help or the compiled dlls?


29-12-2014 15:10:24

It's the Ogre::MeshPtr getting initialized to 0 in the Hydrax class constructor ... I don't have the source open in front of me but it will look like this:

: mMesh(0)

Take the mMesh(0) initialization out completely and do mMesh.setNull() in the constructor's body

EDIT: Nevermind, just take the 0 out ... so it reads mMesh() ... that also works