[Mod] SkyX w/ config file just like Hydrax


22-02-2015 16:02:03

Hi there,
So i've been a little bit bored these days and I decided to make a config file for SkyX as does Hydrax. So.. I wanted to share it with you. :D
My edits of SkyX can be found here: https://github.com/Max98/ror_nextstable ... n/gfx/skyx (Note that it is also edited to be compiled with the application, not as a library, you can just put the Dllexport things again and it will go back as a library)

Then to load the config, it's very simple:

mBasicController = new SkyX::BasicController();
mSkyX = new SkyX::SkyX(gEnv->sceneManager, mBasicController);

SkyX::CfgFileManager *cfg = new SkyX::CfgFileManager(mSkyX, mBasicController, gEnv->mainCamera);


Yup, that's it!

Here's my default SkyX config file that you can use: https://github.com/Max98/ror_nextstable ... efault.skx


28-02-2015 00:02:18

This section of the forum seems to be so dead. :/


02-04-2015 18:15:35

The dead do rise every now and then :lol:
Kudos mate :D


26-05-2016 13:45:56

Thank you for this :)