Looking for SkyX Z-up fork


29-09-2015 03:44:15


I am trying to find the SkyX Z-up fork, but the link I found in this post is a dead link (http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic. ... &start=525).

I know it is remote, but I was wondering if you had any insight for what might have become of it? It shows that this is part of 0.3.1 for SkyX - any chance that these Z-Up changes might have been incorporated into a later release?

Also, is there any place where an updated hydrax demo might be found?



18-10-2015 13:43:31

Anyone looking for a Z-Up fork may want to look here: https://github.com/arpg/Gazebo/tree/mas ... ering/skyx

I have also made a variant able to switch between yup/zup/zdown...