Caelum and Hydrax


16-10-2008 12:57:24

I'm working to use both this libraries in the same projects.
The idea is to update hydrax values (like sun position, sun light and other) with caelum "variables" values.

This is not difficult, however first problem that I have is that I don't see caelum clouds (and also caelum sky box) reflected into hydrax water, this isn't good.

The effects in the demo, where the sky is reflected by water is so beautiful.

Can you suggest me something?


16-10-2008 13:07:08

Mmm I think that Caelum's fog management can cause this.
Anyway you can have a look to Nature( ... ght=nature ) sources, a little demo that combines some Ogre3D addons(Caelum, ETM, PagedGeometry and Hydrax).

Good luck ;)!


16-10-2008 13:11:29

I saw it yet, but when the nights fall water remain the same :)

I think a little workaround is to change water colour setting it with ambient light colour.

for reflection I can try to play with caelum fog, also if I hoped in some trick. patience :)