reflect on water


22-10-2008 17:37:34

hello I've just compiled hydrax and his demo but the reflect of sun on water are not at his position. look this please.

I've tried change position of light but don't change, my code is code of demo.

Have you this problem ? Help me please, thanks at all.


22-10-2008 22:06:08

It's very extrange, work for you the precompiled demo/editor?


23-10-2008 17:20:58

I've this problem with editor when I change light position otherwise when I star the demo the reflect is normal.


23-10-2008 17:22:20

What's your graphic card? Have your the latest drivers?


23-10-2008 19:32:43

I've the 8800GT and the last drivers.


24-10-2008 19:07:54

I've found the problem, it's me : isn't light position have to change but it's sun position.

thanks Xavyiy for your reaplay.