Hydrax resources exception


25-10-2008 17:00:32


I just started playing with Hydrax and it looks great!
I have been trying to get it to work

08:48:36: Creating resource group Hydrax
08:48:36: Added resource location '../hydrax/media/Hydrax' of type 'FileSystem' to resource group 'Hydrax'

08:48:41: Parsing scripts for resource group Hydrax
08:48:41: Finished parsing scripts for resource group Hydrax

08:48:51: OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): SceneNode 'nodecameraMain' not found. in SceneManager::getSceneNode at ..\src\OgreSceneManager.cpp (line 821)
08:48:57: [Hydrax] Hydrax object created.
08:48:57: [Hydrax] Creating module.
08:48:57: [Hydrax] Creating ProjectedGrid module.
08:48:57: [Hydrax] ProjectedGrid created.
08:48:57: [Hydrax] Module created.
08:48:57: [Hydrax] Creating RTListeners.
08:48:58: [Hydrax] RTListeners created
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Registring device restored listener
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Device restored listener registred
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Creating materials,
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Creating water material...
08:48:58: OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Named constants have not been initialised, perhaps a compile error. in GpuProgramParameters::_findNamedConstantDefinition at ..\src\OgreGpuProgram.cpp (line 1085)
08:48:58: [Hydrax] ProjectedGrid destroyed.
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Perlin destroyed.
08:48:58: [Hydrax] Hydrax object removed.
08:48:58: [Hydrax] destroyed.

It seems it doesn't know where the Hydrax water resources are.
Is there a way to specify, code wise, where these files are?



25-10-2008 17:54:26

The problem that the log shows isn't related with resources.

It seems that you're using DirectX with Hydrax::MaterialManager::ShaderMode::GLSL or OpenGL with Hydrax::MaterialManager::ShaderMode::HLSL.

Hydrax 0.4 have some graphic bugs under OpenGL due to some CG 2.0 bugs. So DirectX render is needed.

(All hydrax resources that aren't images are created in code, no with resource files).