Access violation error


27-10-2008 16:10:02

I am using Eihort 1.4.
Hydrax demo application crashes, in setupResources() function while iterating the section names. i have double checked the paths they are all correct and working. I am sure because plugins loaded properly. And resource.cfg also loaded. it is very strange why does it crash ?

here where it crashes:

virtual void setupResources(void)
// Load resource paths from config file
ConfigFile cf;
cf.load(mResourcePath + "resources.cfg");

// Go through all sections & settings in the file
ConfigFile::SectionIterator seci = cf.getSectionIterator();

String secName, typeName, archName;
while (seci.hasMoreElements())
secName = seci.peekNextKey();
ConfigFile::SettingsMultiMap *settings = seci.getNext();
ConfigFile::SettingsMultiMap::iterator i;

for (i = settings->begin(); i != settings->end(); ++i) ===>> HERE !!


this version of code is not stable, please can you upload a stable version ?


27-10-2008 16:24:22

It's not an Hydrax problem(This code isn't in the Hydrax library/demo), this is a Ogre problem(ExampleApplication bug), update to Ogre 1.6.