Hydrax Command line error


01-11-2008 08:08:00


I'm new to Hydrax and I can build Hydrax and the demo, but when I run the demo, it shows the error message:

Command line error D8016 : '/GL' and '/ZI' command-line options are incompatible

I've found someone has the same problem but there seems no answer :(

So please can someone help? thanks a lot

P.S: Sorry if I posted in the worng place.


01-11-2008 11:44:17

Just remove one of this options in the VC Project propierties, after it, it should compile/run without any problem!



02-11-2008 13:35:15


Thanks for your quick answer, i really appreciate your help :)
I got other errors and still can run the demo > < but i am searching answer in the forum (great place! ) and trying to solve them.
Thanks again! Hydrax is amazing!


03-11-2008 05:30:11

I solved the problem!
The reason is so funny that i didn't add necessary dll to the directory!

now it can run and it's wonderful! Thanks Xavi!