[Solved]Access violation error in constructor


16-11-2008 01:31:11

Hi !

Hydrax seems to be great ! So, in order to integrate this add-on in my project, I've tested that, trying the demo : compilation is ok, linking is ok too. But when execution begins, an access violation error happens !

It happens exactly here, in the Hydrax constructor :

// Create Hydrax object
mHydrax = new Hydrax::Hydrax(mSceneMgr, mCamera, mWindow->getViewport(0));

I don't understand anything ! :shock: Do you have any idea ? I use VS 2008, Ogre 1.6, Hydrax 0.4.



16-11-2008 10:49:38

Are you sure you aren't mixing different dll/libs?
Can you post the callstack? I need more information about your problem...



16-11-2008 12:26:33

Ok, I'm a stupid guy. :shock:

Xavyiy, you're right, it was a DLL problem. I compiled Hydrax using OgreMain.dll rather than OgreMain_d.dll, though I work in debug mode ! Because I use OgreMain_d.dll to compile the demo project, I didn't work.

So, thank you very much, you showed me the way. :wink: