[Updated] FFT noise module, VIDEO


22-11-2008 20:26:56

Hi all,
currently I'm working on a new noise module for Hydrax, the FFT noise module, based on Jerry Tessendorf paper (http://www.finelightvisualtechnology.com/docs/coursenotes2004.pdf).

This approach is used in a lot of "new generation" waters, like Crysis, Unigine, and other 3D engines water.

The FFT noise development is about 25%, anyway I'll share with you the firsts results:

http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/xavi/FFTN ... s/FFT1.png
http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/xavi/FFTN ... s/FFT2.png



23-11-2008 11:28:38

I cannot download the PDF - the server times out so I have a question here: what is the advantage of this technique? :)


23-11-2008 12:48:32

More than advantages, it's just different.

It reproduces sea waves(not random heigths like perlin noise) in a specific direction(wind direction), so it's more realistics for some kind of scenes.

A don't know if you have hear about Unigine, but them have a island demo that uses FFT water and whit some postprocessing filtrers and good model it's really awesome. Here the link:

I've planed, after realease the 0.5 version of Hydrax(That must fixes 'all' bugs, has 3 geometry modules and 2 noise modules) starting a little showcase demo like this unigine demo, including hdr, light scattering, PSSM, depth of field, etc... no to play(it's too fps heavy), just eye candy demo.


23-11-2008 21:12:43

Well it is an attempt to fix the thing I noticed that is quite unrealistic in Hydrax. That the waves are only going up and down. To my eye it is definitely an improvement.


23-11-2008 22:34:05

You've reason reptor, it's about time Hydrax has a good noise module, I'll record some videos of current results and post them in some hours, the achieve results at the moment are really great.



24-11-2008 01:52:39

Video: http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/xavi/FFTNoisePics/FFT.mp4

(All fft noise parameters are configurables)

Hope you like it.

P.D.: I'll post another video tomorrow :)

New one: http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/xavi/FFTNoisePics/FFT2.mp4


24-11-2008 18:42:55

Thanks for the videos.

Yes, it is better now :)


30-11-2008 21:44:32

New video:




01-12-2008 13:01:37

This looks really good!
Huge improvement in the realism of the movement of the ocean.

tuan kuranes

01-12-2008 13:06:43

@Xavyiy : Did you check Cuda SDK FFT ocean demos/source ?


06-12-2008 10:38:00

@tuan kuranes
Hi tuan, no, I haven't check it, I'm going to check it now. Thanks


11-12-2008 19:31:25

Looks good. Its exactly what I need!!!

One thing: Would you be able to have large rolling waves? The scene i am trying to create is on a big ship out to sea with a large swell (Big waves!)

ps. Keep up the excellent work!


13-12-2008 21:16:58

The new FFT noise module apports a lot of realism to scenes like you are trying to obtain wich the Perlin noise can't apport. Big and choppy waves can be created for storm envinorenments and ocean scenes.



14-12-2008 04:50:33

wow, that looks so very good, i want to go swimming :)