Rendering with depth disabled


29-12-2008 04:48:57

I noticed that when depth is disabled in hydrax, the water is rendered as being perfectly transparent. This is probably a good fallback for shallow streams or pools etc, but it would be nice to have control over this effect so that the water can be made to render with no transparency in cases such as deep ocean water. The refraction pass could be disabled and the water rendered with an opaque base colour, or maybe a Fresnel blend. Is a feature like this planned?

Again this is only important when depth is turned off, but I want to have scalable graphics settings, so this sort of thing is important in my game.


30-12-2008 18:46:37

Good idea, just add a little component called NO_REFRACTION that only can be actived when depth is not active.
I'll add this to the roadmap.