multiple camera support?


29-12-2008 18:44:05

I noticed Hydrax only supports one camera and one viewport right now. Is there any plans for multiple camera/viewport support ala Caelum? Since it doesn't support multiple cameras/viewports, the Hydrax interface is unable to fully integrate into my engine (would love for it to, though).


30-12-2008 18:51:05

Currently this feature is not in the roadmap, but since the beggins of hydrax I've thinked in add multiple camera support.
To be honest, with the current Hydrax structure, multiple camera support doesn't seem very easy to add, but I'll looking into this.


24-02-2009 19:00:47


I know you currently busy Hydrax 0.5, but have you had any more thoughts on this?

I would really like to spread Hydrax across severall monitors, but i dont want to increae the FOV of the camera too much. I have a three screen setup and i would like to have 3 cameras repesenting each screen. :D . Do have any ideas how i could do this!!!?