Hydrax 0.4 under Linux + OGRE 1.6 error


20-01-2009 17:33:08

I programing under Gentoo Linux (2.6.28)
Hydrax 0.4 I have gathered independently from Win source codes.
Has included Hydrax in the project, on a demo customisations he has earned but for me 2-8 FPS (release).
Has detected that rendering goes software and has tried to include shaders.
After loading the program quits with an error:
[Hydrax] Hydrax created.
[Hydrax] GPUWater.hdx loaded.
An exception has occured: OGRE EXCEPTION (2:InvalidParametersException): Named constants have not been initialised, perhaps a compile error. in GpuProgramParameters:: _findNamedConstantDefinition at OgreGpuProgram.cpp (line 1087)

#Shader mode: 0=HLSL, 1=CG, 2=GLSL

#Shader mode: 0=HLSL, 1=CG, 2=GLSL
#Shader mode: 0=HLSL, 1=CG, 2=GLSL

In what the reason and as it to correct?


20-01-2009 19:00:05

HLSH is only for DirectX, and GLSL is not yet implemented in Hydrax, so you need OpenGL+CG to run Hydrax under Linux.
Your frame rate are quite slow(Just 8 fps?), what's your graphic card?



20-01-2009 19:10:45

Yes for me only 8 fps!
Video: GeForce 7400Go.Without Hydrax 150fps.
A demo too show my 8-10 fps.
Also I do not have water reflexions at the bottom and demo screenshots by possibilities strongly differ from your screenshots.


20-01-2009 19:15:44

You need the latest(very important) CG version available from NVIDIA.


20-01-2009 19:22:27

You have in view of the driver?
I have nvidia-drivers-177.82 it is last for my OS.


20-01-2009 19:29:13

have you tried this package? http://firecool.interfree.it/Hydrax-v0.4-linux.tar.bz2
it was posted by firecool in another linux thread a while ago. it compiles/runs fine with me

btw, under gentoo, cg is the package "media-gfx/nvidia-cg-toolkit", I have version 2.1.0012

and yes, with me too hydrux runs pretty slow in linux. not sure why yet


11-02-2009 07:00:22

Getting the same error under FreeBSD; if it's really the lack of Cg which is at fault here, then I eagerly await HLSL support. nvidia does not offer Cg binaries for FreeBSD.